Welcome to Love Art Baby! My name is Hayley. Here, I will share my adventures as I balance the love I share with my little family and our passion for life. We enjoy hiking, gardening, and reading.  I am a mixed media artist, but have put painting on the back burner as I enjoy these early years with my son. Over the past year, cooking and preparing food has become my medium of expression. I am deeply committed to nourishing my family with organic, and nutrient-dense foods. While I rarely follow a recipe to the tee, I will be sharing my "kitchen dances" with you along the way. I am inspired by the raw foods community as well as the Weston A. Price foundation.  We eat local, hormone and antibiotic-free meat from pasture-raised animals. We also enjoy fresh, raw milk, home grown veggies and a variety of sprouted grains and legumes. You can follow Love Art Baby on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest!