New Year Changes

Happy New Year, everyone! It has been several months since I have set foot in here. So many things have happened. First of all, I am pregnant! We found out in August when "morning sickness" began to overtake my days and nights. I had an extremely difficult first trimester, ending up at the ER due to dehydration from so. much. vomiting. My midwives recommended a prescription (Zofran) which has helped tremendously, even though the side effects aren't fun. At 24 weeks I still get sick, but only take the medicine if I feel like I can't get a handle on the nausea and subsequent toilet hugging. Through all of this, Jehryn has been so empathetic and genuinely concerned. He has held my hand, hugged me, and nursed quietly on the couch while I've rested. Nursing during pregnancy has been interesting with a lot of ups and downs. I will dedicate a post to that soon.

Another major event was the evacuation of our old apartment. We had planned to move in March, but our landlords sold their home and evicted us in November. It was a shock, especially since we did not have money saved for a new deposit and were struggling to catch up on some old debts. Thankfully, Sean's parents have welcomed us into their home temporarily. It was a painful transition for me, but I am truly grateful we are here. More on this soon, too!

Meditation and mindfulness have been a saving grace for me and the bouts of anxiety and depression I deal with. I have been reading some great books that I will share in the near future. I have also fallen back into the swing of things in the kitchen. For months, I couldn't even think about preparing a meal. I'm so grateful to be making bone broth on a regular basis and creating nourishing, traditional meals from scratch. I'm holding off on ferments until we move into our own place in two months, but I have been eating Bubbie's sauerkraut and day-dreaming about milk kefir and kombucha.

Jehryn is going to be TWO in eleven days! He lights up my world, keeps me present, and forces me to acknowledge the Divine. I am so thankful for the love and joy he brings to Sean and I. He is going to make an incredible big brother this spring!

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