Acknowledging Blessings

I want to acknowledge my blessings more often.
We have been given so much.

Waking up next to my family.
Observing the similarities of my partner and son.
Those fragile early morning hours alone.
The fragrance of my work in the kitchen.
The high-pitched noises my child makes upon waking.
The sight of two sleepy heads squinting at me.
A mostly naked toddler clinging to me.
Seeing the repeated sign for "milk."
Sitting down on the loveseat for a snuggle and to breastfeed.
The other sleepy head asking for a beverage we probably don't have.
Assembling plates of hot, delicious breakfast.
The family interactions before my partner leaves for work.
Waiting until my son is ready to put clothes on. (Still waiting.)
Running with the jogging stoller while sharing sips of water.
Giving my son the freedom to explore and get dirty.
Marveling at how my child listens to me.
Reminding myself to choose my words carefully.
Loving his adventurous, strong spirit.
Acknowledging his intelligence and following his lead in life-learning.
Watching him rub his tired eyes.
Brushing his teeth while he brushes mine.
Nursing my child to sleep.
Allowing my living room to remain a little messy.
Granting myself creative space.
Reuniting with a rested, happy love bug.
Reading books.
Singing and dancing.
Doing housework together.
Preparing dinner together.
Welcoming Dada home.
Sharing laughter and good food.
Singing and dancing.
Taking a bath with Dada.
Brushing each other's teeth again.
The three of us cuddling in bed for the night.

What is your favorite part of the day?

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  1. tigerDebE says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL Hayley. You show us truly what is important. The simpleness of loving and sharing. Too much of the busy, stressful, hustle and bustle of life that,unfortunately, most of us lead these days. You are an inspiration to us all. I believe you have a High Calling. To show us all that, we not only can, but, we should, get back to the basics of life. Thank you for all that you are and all you do. If you get another similar post, my apologizes. I had to update my account in order to comment, and, my original comment was deleted.

  2. Puddin says:

    What a sweet post. It is so rewarding to acknowledge your blessings more. You get too see how blessed your life is and how the mountains you think you're facing are really just ant hills in the grand scheme of things.


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